The Last Catch

Germany, Dir. Markus CM Schmidt

The UK Premiere of this compelling documentary presents us with the shocking reality facing the bluefin tuna species.The Mediterranean fishermen’s desperate fight for survival is coming to a head.

In the intense images the film tells a parable of hope, disillusionment and desperation. It exposes the mechanisms of a value chain, which is destroying its own basis with a strategy based on shortsighted greed. In the end both the fish and the people lose. The question remains: what can we do to stop it?

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USA/Madagascar, Dir. Maxine Trump

The world's most famous guitar-makers are on a desperate mission to stop Native American loggers from devastating a primeval forest, threatening their own culture and the future of the acoustic guitar.

Musicwood is about an unknown slice of American history, an unexpected and incredibly serious threat to the acoustic guitar, and a conflict that resists easy interpretations.

Expedition to the End
of the World

Denmark/Sweden, Dir. Daniel Dencik

An extremely adventurous documentary, a true nature film – adventure for the 21st century.

On a three-mast schooner packed with artists, scientists and ambitions worthy of Noah or Columbus, we set off for the end of the world: the rapidly melting massifs of North-East Greenland. An epic journey where the brave sailors on board encounter polar bear nightmares, Stone Age playgrounds and entirely new species. But in their encounter with new, unknown parts of the world, the crew of scientist and artists also confronted the existential questions of life.

Expedition to the End of the World is a film conceived and brought to life on a grand scale - a long forgotten childhood dream lived out by grown artists and scientists.

Expedition to the End of the World

Planet Ocean

Planet Ocean

France, Dir. Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Michael Pitiot

Award winning photographers and directors Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot present a remarkably beautiful 90-minute documentary that serves not only as a prime example of Earth’s beauty, but as an illustration of the dangers that threaten our ocean and our entire planet.

Planet Ocean’s goal is very clear: to change the way people look at the oceans and encourage them to imagine conservation as a globally-shared responsibility. Planet Ocean serves as a reminder of the bond between humans and nature, and the duty that exists to protect and respect our planet.

Bay of All Saints

USA, Dir. Annie Eastman

In Bahia, Brazil, generations of impoverished families live in palafitas, shacks built on stilts over the ocean bay. When the government threatens to reclaim the bay in the name of ecological restoration, hundreds of families are about to lose their homes.

Bay Of All Saints is a lyrical portrait of three single-mothers living in the water slums during this crisis. Their individual stories of poverty unfold through visits from Norato, their big-hearted refrigerator repairman, born and raised in the palafitas. As these women rise to fight for their future, they begin to see the bay in a whole new light.

Bay of All Saints

A River Changes Course

A River Changes Course

Cambodia/USA, Dir. Kalyanee Mam

Winner of the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary at Sundance, A River Changes Course tells the story of three families living in contemporary Cambodia as they face hard choices forced by rapid development and struggle to maintain their traditional ways of life as the modern world closes in around them.

From a remote northern jungle, down along the Tonle Sap, to the rice fields in the countryʼs center and the pulsing heart of urban Phnom Penh, this documentary showcases how the radical changes in Cambodia today are transforming not only the countryʼs landscape – but also the dreams of its people.

Lost Rivers

Canada, Dir. Caroline Bacle

Is this the wave of the future? Can we imagine an innovative future city that paradoxically moves forward by digging up the past? Could we bring our lost rivers back to life?

Travel underground with clandestine urban explorers as 'Lost Rivers' searches for the disappeared Rivière St‑Pierre in Montreal, the Garrison Creek in Toronto, the River Tyburn in London and the Bova‑Celato River in Brescia, Italy.

Lost Rivers asks important questions as to the future of our disappeared urban waterways. Cities must act urgently to better manage the effects of climate change and extreme weather events. The documentary recognises the need to create urban green spaces and biodiversity, not only to better manage our water, but to celebrate it.

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